Norway 2009, Day 0: Fort Collins to Trondheim, July 3rd, 2009

2:15pm Heathrow Airport, London

Not a fun place to be when super tired. I'm glad the return trip will bypass this airport. Have a 4.5 hr layover, though took 1.5 hrs to transfer terminals, re-enter security (where my 4oz contact solution was confiscated), check-in to get boarding passes, and find a seat in the crowded, warm, noisy mega plaza to await the delegation of our gate (which they only announce 40 minutes before departure).

Wendy just changed into shorts and tank top to combat the humid air. My brain is aching from the lack of sleep the past week, due to late nights researching Norway ferry connections, refining the itinerary, packing gear, and the general excitement of a forthcoming artic adventure. Last night's 9 hr red eye flight from Denver, which yielded 2-3 hrs of sleep, didn't help. Speaking of the Denver flight, I had my 4 oz toothpaste confiscated at security (3.4oz is the limit), though they let the contact solution through. The only consolation is that the 8 hours we'll have gained by the time we reach Trondheim, Norway, means it'll be bed time 8 hours sooner.

The few rows of seats here in the lounge without arm rests are all taken by lucky prone sleepers...

Still 2 hrs til the flight to Copenhagen. Wendy found a ham/cranberry/brie sandwich for 3 pounds (not a bad deal). I packed a ham and mustard sandwich with the last lunchmeat and piece of bread in the fridge from home.

2:48pm Heathrow:

Wendy found some seats near an outlet, so I can charge the laptop (I remembered to bring a UK power adapter last minute, for this 4.5hr layover). Only pay wi-fi here unfortunately.

Wendy does some frisbee exercises at the airport, while I get a few minutes of sleep in between piercingly loud announcements on the speakers...

10:13pm, on flight to Trondheim.

The sun is shining bright and has even risen slightly higher above the horizen as we've been flying north the past hour. I slept well on the 2 hr flight from London to Copenhagen, and after a 1hr layover in CPH, we're on a large propeller plane, scheduled to land in 30 minutes. Wideroe airlines has great service! A drink, small snack sandwich, and piece of chocolate for free on a 1hr 40min flight.

Copenhagen airport was much nicer than Heathrow, with it's wooden floors, and upscale spacious mall. Will have to take pics on the way back...

2:07am, Karl and Mariann's house, Trondheim.

Feels great to be lying in a bed after a warm shower, with cool sea breeze drafting through the open window in this upstairs bedroom. The twilight sky and red glow on the horizen keep away any stars tonight.

It was exciting to finally reach Norway, as we landed at 10:50pm, with the sun still shining. We quickly retrieved our luggage, and hopped on a bus to Trondheim (90Nkr/$14), that traveled along the sea, and through several tunnels to Trondheim. We got dropped off and saw Karl waiting to help carry our bags to their house, about a 20 minute walk across a brdige, and up a hill. I pulled 3 bags on the wheeled suitcase, along with a pack on my back, and was pretty drenched in sweat after finally reaching our destination.

As we walk off the plane at 10:52, the sun is still shining. The bus ride followed the sea to Trondheim, shortly after sunset...

I carry 3 bags on the roller, and a backpack up to Karl's house, it was a good workout after a day of sitting on planes. A look back from near Karl's house, a scenic view when he walks/bikes to school...

We marveled at their wonderful house, snacked on some "brown cheese" and bread, and discussed plans for tomorrow. Darwin, their dog, was excited to see us.

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