Iceland 2010 trip, Day 0: CO -> Boston -> KEF

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7:26pm, Logan airport, 7/17/10

Sitting in the international terminal, with 2 hrs to go before take off to Reykjavik.

Today feels like it began yesterday. Pulling an all nighter to organize our huge stores of dehydrated food, and organize/pack all our gear for a 2 week trip to Iceland, makes it seem that way. It's been a solid 7+ days of running the dehydrator non-stop, all the way up to ~3am last night, which kept some of the focus away from actually packing for the trip until last night. Our 5 day backpacking trek at the beginning of the trip requires extra fine tuning so that we arrive in Iceland with a perfectly prepared backpack, along with additional luggage to store for our 8 day car rental on the backside of the trip. At 8pm, with the living room floor littered with gear, and the kitchen counters covered with containers of dehydrated fruits, veggies, soups, beans, and meats (and even dehydrated pumpkin pie!), I had a feeling we could probably be ready for our 7:30am bus to the airport, even with a leisurely packing pace. Sure enough, when 5:30am rolled around, after a good 10 hours of Wendy's iphone mp3 playlist on the stereo, we were in good shape, though I couldn't find my spare DSLR camera battery, which would mean limited pics on the 5 day trek (but still had 3 batteries for my pocket cam). Our backpacks were optimized for the hike on Monday, and a suitcase was full of additional food/clothing/supplies. I even had time to clean the kitchen, pack some food for "tomorrow's" travel, and take a 40 minute nap before getting up to catch the bus.

A look at my dehydrated fajita blend, consisting of pulled pork, black beans, tomatos, mushrooms, red peppers, salsa, jalapenos, onions (green and white), and sour cream. I was packing a lot of it, so I hope it turns out good...

The bus from Fort Collins had wi-fi, but I barely had the will to open my eyes during the hour ride to DIA, let alone surf the web. We checked in our 3 bags with Southwest (yay! Free luggage!), and arrived at the gate ~25 minutes before boarding our flight to Boston. Once airborne, my plans to work on 14er web journals took a back seat in favor of more sleep, and soon the 3hr 15min flight to Boston was on the descent. Fortunately, Southwest is the only airline sharing the international terminal E, so we conveniently picked up our luggage and made the short elevator ride to the Icelandair check-in counter. We pursued an attempt to meet up with Wendy's sister, Betsy, during out 4 hour layover, but realized it was just too tight of a window to make it happen. However it was just enough time to head to Legal Seafood in terminal C for dinner (crab cakes, fisherman's stew, and Rhode Island clam chowder), before returning to terminal E 2.5hrs before departure. The security line was quick, and we found ourselves at the gate with 2hrs to spare. Wendy went shopping at Brookstone and just bought a laptop sleeve, but it's a bit too small, and returned it.

A nice dinner to start the vacation at Legal Seafoods in Logan Airport. Kind of looks like I didn't get any sleep last night...

The flight from Boston to Reykjavik looks to be ~5hrs (gaining 4 hours along the way), and am guessing there will be food served, since it's international. We land at 6:30am, so hopefully I can grab some more sleep, and fool myself into thinking I'm well rested for a new day when we land.

Certainly hot and humid out. The humidity is a big difference compared to CO.

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