Iceland 2010 trip, Day 15, Aug 1st: Homeward

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9am, KEF airport

Note to any KEF travellers, the airport crowds are pretty light on a Sunday morning. We got up at 7:15am in FIT hostel (Njardvik), and took a taxi (2000isk) at 8am (downing some pear, blueberry, and banana split flavored skyrs minutes prior). In less than 10 minutes, we were at the checkin counter. No line for security. We were through by 8:30am, with 2 hours to spare before departure. Half of the shops were still closed. We exchanged our remaining currency to USD ($40), and are waiting for the passport station to open. Wi-fi costs $ here.

There is an interesting sculpture outside the Keflavik airport...

1:37pm, Boston Logan Airport

Sipping some Boston Beer Works blueberry ale (with floating blueberries), suggested by Wendy! Wendy is not a beer fan, so if she proposes getting beer, I'm on board (she remembers it from living in MA too).

The flight from Iceland was smooth. Got a glimpse of Greenland out the window (though the other side had the better views). Stitched lots of pics from the first few days during the 5.5hr flight. Gined 4 hrs on landing in EST. 72 degrees here in Boston.

After we picked up our luggage, Wendy's tomatos and cucumber slices got confiscated at customs (but apparently spinach, eggs, and apples are ok). We checked in our bags at the Southwest terminal, which conveniently is the only domestic airline in the International terminal. We passed through security, and when we saw Boston Beer Workes next to our gate, Wendy suggested a blueberry ale. It's been an enjoyable 30 minutes sipping the 22oz while my laptop charges, watching ESPN and ESPNews simultaneously on HD TVs. The MLB trading deadline was yesterday, and I'm trying to catch up on the past 2 weeks worth of sports. Wendy just bought a ceasar salad.

Got a layover in St Louis, but no plane change. Will be back in Denver ~8pm. Taking a bus back to Fort Collins, so may take advantage of my southwest drink coupons to grab a Heinikan or 2 on the legs back.

Cheers to a fantastic Iceland trip! Thanks for reading!

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