CO Ski Trip April 9th-10th, 2005

Pictures courtesy of Wendy (I forgot my camera).

Saturday morning, Wendy and I drove to Winter Park, to meet Harish, Rich, and Kathy, who traveled from MA to ski with us in CO. We drove up and over the continental divide on the way.

Matt and Kathy on the first lift of the day, with Bearclaw Mountain in the background.

Wendy is ready to shred some snow, amid the fantastic scenery.

Rich, Harish, and Kathy are excited to begin the day.

A look from the top of Mary Jane mountain. On the right further up is the bowl, with wide open trails.

We took the lift to the summit, and hiked up the very top (12,060'). Can't hold your breath as long up there.

Group pics, at 12,060'.

One last look from the peak before descending.

After a successful ski outing, we drove to Kathy's uncle's glorious cabin, and cooked up a feast of chili, chicken burritos, garlic bread, and fruit salad. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun:

Snitching the chopped fruit seemed to be a popular activity.

Rich appears to be checking out some sliced fruit.

Who says we're not looking forward to Harish's chicken coming out?

It was a treat to have 2 amazing beauties tending the stove. Wendy and Kathy also looked great.

Lots of smiles during the food preparation. Wendy did a great job with the pictorial documenting.

Let me introduce you to "Kathy Del Toro".

More snitching...

Not really sure why Rich asked me if I would count the tiles in the kitchen ceiling. But my fruit plate seemed a bit lighter afterwards...

Wendy decided to use the cabin's cloning machine, and organized a plate delivary pipeline to speed up the table setting. Then we realized we couldn't possibly feed 3 hungry Wendys, so we had to let 2 go. But we're 33% sure we kept the real Wendy.

Dinner time! Work hard, eat hard.

Truly a feast fit for 4 hungry snowboarders and a skier (also hungry).

We're very thankful for Kathy's uncle's generousity in letting us stay at their amazing place. It was the highlight of the weekend. In fact, since the storm closed the highway on Sunday, we wouldn't have been able to drive to Breckenridge from Fort Collins.

Breckenridge was excellent. On the drive home, across snow covered roads, there was gorgeous winter scenery.

It was a weekend to remember, and I thank Harish, Rich, and Kathy for making it possible by flying out to visit, and sacrificing sleep on the red-eye back.

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