A-Basin Spring Snowboarding, May 21st, 2005

With forecasts in the 90s in Fort Collins on Saturday, and upper 60s in the 13,000' mountains, Wendy and I decided to go snowboarding one last time. I was excited to finally experience "spring skiing", where people ski in their shorts and bikini tops. This would be the 6th time snowboarding since April 9th, but the first with really warm weather.

But it was still a bit cold in the morning. The snow was hard and scrapy for the 1st run. We took a walk up the snowbank at the top of the mountain to see the view on the other side

I'm wearing the hat my mom knitted.

Lots of snow had melted over the past 2 weeks since I was last here. The mountains were looking spotted/striped, like cows, or dalmations

After lunch, the weather got warmer, and we ditched our jackets. It felt great to lose that baggy wind-socket jacket of mine.

I felt so much more aerodynamic, and on the snow, so much better.

I think I tried a jump for the camera, and ended up shooting a bunch of snow towards Wendy and her camera. You can tell that the snow was soft. I loved the conditions.

Wendy started out in her long sleeve shirt...

...but then ditched that for her tank top.

I also went without my black long sleeve undershirt. It was so warm out with the sun.

Other people were dressed in shorts and bikini tops.

Warning: Pics of white scrawny naked guy ahead.

I had to join in, and take off my shirt for the last runs of the day. The atmosphere was quite festive on the slope and at the base.

Wendy and I had snowball fights while boarding down the last few runs. It was a lot of fun to aim at a moving target, while moving myself, with an endless supply of ammo if you just drag your hands in the snow while heading downhill...

Oops. But the snow felt good on a day like today.

At the end of the day, there were still lots of people partying at the base, and throwing frisbees from the balcony.

I love spring skiing. The snow was soft and felt great. Can't beat the pleasant temps too. Just bring lots of suntan lotion, cause at 13000', there's lots of UV rays...

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