White Mountain Hikes in 2004:

Just a few pics from my NH hiking this year. I tend to take ~150 pics each hike, so these are just a small sample.

May 1, 2004. North Kinsman, South Kinsman, Mt Cannon

A bit snowy still...

May 8, 2004.  North, Middle, and South Tripyramid

When I got to the peak of Middle Tripyramid, I thought I saw a dog running around, but no. A moose made it's way up to the peak, and couldn't figure out how to get down. I frooze, and the moose kept circling on the limited 15 yard peak area along the trail. Got some scary looking pictures. Finally it moved far enough aside for me to quickly get by, and I went to the lookout rock. Took pics, and turned around and the moose was staring at me. Cliff one way, moose the other. It went back to circling, and I ran. For the next 10 minutes the smallest sound would make me turn, expecting to see the moose on my back. Thought it might be stuck up there forever, but a guy 15 minutes behind me said he saw moose tracks, but no moose when he passed the peak.

May 16th, 2004. Mt Liberty, Mt Flume

June 12th, 2004. Mt Lafayette, Mt Lincoln

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