Mt. Chocura Hike, Jan 15th, 2005

Ilan standing by an unfrozen part of the Champney Falls.

These ice walls ranged from 40-50 feet high. Some people were getting ready to climb.

Don't worry Mom, I'm just standing on the ground in this posed shot.

The trail goes on and on... Well at least for 3.8 miles to the summit.

Pretty lookouts to the north along the way.

Soon we thought we were near the top...

...but turned to the right and saw the jagged peak rising over the trees.

Sure is a sharp looking peak. Just a bit further...

What a beautiful view! This is a 180 degree view looking north (be sure to use the scroll bar to view it all).
Chocura sits at the southeast edge of the white mountains.

Token self portait of the climbers

We had to contend with birds of prey (see small speck in pic)...

... and with dogs of prey.

Check out the people standing at the top of Chocura in this pic looking south.

On the drive back, we stopped at Lake Chocura. Mt. Chocura is the sharp peak on the right, across the frozen lake.

Just can't pass up the opportunity to take a pretty sunset pic.

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