Beware (Beware) The Devil's Out There

Music and Lyrics by Will Tracz
Copyright 2001 Will Tracz - All Rights Reserved.

R: Beware (beware) the devil's out there
And He's got his eye on you (on you)
Beware (beware) the devil's out there
And he's setting his trap for you.

V1: You never know where he might be.
He's cleaver, tricky, he's saassy.
He'll make you believe that it's OK.
So you be careful or you will stray.

V2: De Devil, he will cloud your mind.
He's always trying to find the time.
For all he wants is you to sin.
So you be careful and not give in.

V3: De Devil, he's no friend of mine.
He has no power, you will find.
Because our God, He conquered sin.
De Devil, he will never win.

V4: De Devil and his evil ones
Will try to rob you of your fun.
So don't let Satan have his way.
All you need to do is pray.

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