My Lord

Music and Lyrics by Will Tracz
Copyright 1998 Will Tracz - All Rights Reserved.

V1: My Lord, I praise Your holy name. (2x)
Since You entered my life, it's never been the same.

V2: My Lord, You've been good to me. (2x)
I can't stop singing about, Your glory.

V3: Jesus, You gave Your life for me. (2x)
Your sacrifice, means so very much to me.

V4: Jesus, You died and rose again. (2x)
Because of You, my life will never end.

BR: And when I am alone.
I am never really alone.
Because You are always there.
Your love I know I share.

V5: Jesus, I give my life to You. (2x)
You gave so much; I want to give some back to You.

V6: Glory, Glory be Your holy name. (2x)
Praise God the Father the Son, the Spirit one in the same.

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