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    Colorado 14ers
    Bell Cord and Maroon Bells Traverse (trip report)
    Maroon Peak 14,159'
    North Maroon 14,014'
    Elk Range, CO July 24th, 2011
    Mt Shavano & Tabeguache Peak (trip report)
    Shavano 14,229'
    Tabeguache 14,155'
    Sawatch Range, CO July 3rd, 2011
    Mt Lindsey (trip report)
    14,042' Sangre de Cristo Range, CO June 26th, 2011
    Culebra Peak (trip report)
    14,047' Sangre de Cristo Range, CO June 25th, 2011
    Humboldt Peak (trip report)
    14,064' Sangre de Cristo Range, CO Oct 2nd, 2010
    Wilson Peak (trip report)
    14,017' San Juan Range, CO Sept 5th, 2010
    El Diente to Mount Wilson "Grand" Traverse (trip report)
    Mount Wilson 14,246'
    El Diente 14,159'
    San Juan Range, CO Sept 4th, 2010
    Longs Peak, Kieners Route (class 5.4) (trip report)
    14,255' Front Range (RMNP), CO Aug 22nd, 2010
    Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn combo (trip report)
    Uncompahgre 14,309'
    Wetterhorn 14,015'
    San Juan Range, CO Aug 15th, 2010
    San Luis Peak (trip report)
    San Luis Peak 14,014' San Juan Range, CO Aug 14th, 2010
    Redcloud and Sunshine (trip report)
    Redcloud 14,034'
    Sunshine 14,001'
    San Juan Range, CO July 4th, 2010
    14,048' San Juan Range, CO July 5th, 2010
    Chicago Basin 14er trifecta (trip report)
    Eolus 14,083'
    Windom 14,082'
    Sunlight 14,059'
    San Juan Range, CO July 4th, 2010
    Mt of the Holy Cross (Halo Ridge) (trip report)
    14,005' Sawatch Range, CO June 27th, 2010
    Mt Antero (trip report)
    14,269' Sawatch Range, CO June 20th, 2010
    Pikes Peak (Crag's route) (trip report)
    14,110' Front Range, CO June 6th, 2010
    Conundrum Peak (trip report)
    14,060' Elk Range, CO June 5th, 2010
    Quandary Peak (snowboard descent) (trip report)
    14,265' Tenmile Range, CO May 16th, 2010
    Mount Sherman (trip report)
    14,036' Mosquito Range, CO May 8th, 2010
    Harvard-Columbia Traverse (trip report)
    Harvard 14,420'
    Columbia 14,073'
    Sawatch Range, CO Sept 19th, 2009
    Crestone Traverse (trip report)
    Crestone Peak 14,294'
    Crestone Needle 14,197'
    Sangre de Christo Range, CO Sept 5th, 2009
    14,196' Sawatch Range, CO Aug 22nd, 2009
    DeCaLiBron (Four 14ers) (trip report)
    Mt Democrat (14,148')
    Mt Cameron (14,238')
    Mt Lincoln (14,288')
    Mt Bross (14,177')
    Mosquito Range, CO July 25th, 2009
    14,299' Sawatch Range, CO May 30th, 2009
    Pyramid Peak (trip report)
    14,018' Elk Range, CO August 24th, 2008
    Grays & Torreys, via Loveland Pass (trip report)
    Grays (14,270'),
    Torreys (14,267')
    Front Range, CO August 23rd, 2008
    Missouri Mountain (sunrise summit) (trip report)
    14,003' Missouri Sawatch Range, CO Aug 3rd, 2008
    14,067' Huron Sawatch Range, CO Aug 2nd, 2008
    Mt. Evans and Bierstadt, Sawtooth Traverse (trip report)
    Bierstadt (14,060'),
    Mt. Evans (14,264')
    Front Range, CO July 27th, 2008
    Challenger Point and Kit Carson (trip report)
    Challenger Point (14,081'),
    Kit Carson (14,165')
    Sangre de Christo Range, CO July 19th, 2008
    Belford and Oxford (trip report)
    14,197' Belford
    14,153' Oxford
    Sawatch Range, CO May 31st, 2008
    Blanca (LB Traverse) (trip report)
    14,345' Sangre de Cristo Range, CO Aug 17th, 2007
    Castle Peak (trip report)
    14,265' Elk Range, CO Aug 6th, 2005
    Capitol Peak (trip report)
    14,130' Elk Range, CO July 5th, 2006
    Snowmass Mountain (trip report)
    14,092' Elk Range, CO July 30th, 2006
    Snowmass and North Snowmass (trip report #2)
    Snowmass 14,092'
    North Snowmass 14,020'
    Elk Range, CO Aug 12th, 2008
    Ellingwood (trip report)
    14,042' Sangre de Cristo Range, CO Aug 18th, 2007
    Little Bear (LB Traverse) (trip report)
    14,037' Sangre de Cristo Range, CO Aug 17th, 2007

    Other Colorado Mountains/Hikes
    Mt. Meeker (trip report)
    13,911' RMNP, CO July 1st, 2007
    Mt. Alice (trip report)
    13,310' RMNP, CO July 21st, 2007
    Mt. Audubon (trip report)
    13,221' Indian Peaks, CO July 16th, 2005
    Piaute Peak (trip report)
    13,088' Indian Peaks, CO July 16th, 2005
    Clark's Peak (trip report)
    12,951' Cameron Pass, CO Jun 24th, 2007
    12,880' RMNP, CO Jun 18th, 2005
    Richthofen (attempt) (trip report)
    ~12,750' (false summit) Lake Agnes, Cameron Pass, CO June 14th, 2008
    Hallet Peak (trip report)
    12,713' RMNP, CO Aug 20th, 2006
    Arrowhead (trip report)
    12,642' RMNP, CO July 14th, 2007
    Mt. Mahler (trip report)
    12,493' Lake Agnes, CO Sept 11th, 2005
    Chasm Lake (trip report)
    11,800' RMNP, CO June 5th, 2005
    July 2nd, 2006
    June 16th, 2007
    Little Matterhorn (trip report)
    11,586' RMNP, CO June 7th, 2008
    Twin Sisters (trip report)
    11,450' RMNP, CO May 15th, 2005
    June 3rd, 2006
    Oct 14th, 2006
    Apr 19th, 2008
    Signal Mountain (trip report)
    11,250' New Haven, CO May 22nd, 2005
    Sept 16th, 2006
    Oct 7th, 2006
    Devil's Causeway (trip report)
    ~11,000' Yampa, CO Aug 27th, 2005
    Estes Cone
    11,006' RMNP, CO Oct 14th, 2006
    Deer Mountain
    10,080' RMNP, CO July 29th, 2005
    Mar 11th, 2007
    Bear Peak (trip report)
    8450' Boulder, CO May 8th, 2005
    Sept 3rd, 2005
    Round Mountain (trip report)
    8450' Loveland, CO April 23rd, 2005
    March ?, 2006
    May 13th, 2007
    Greyrock (trip report)
    7613' Poudre Canyon, CO May 14th, 2005
    Apr 2006
    Nov 11th, 2006
    Pawnee Buttes (trip report)
    ~5400' Pawnee Buttes Grasslands, CO May 7th, 2005

    Wyoming/Utah/Colorado adventures
    Grand Tetons backpacking trip - 2007 (trip report)
    various Grand Teton Nat Park, WY July 5th-7th, 2007
    Great Sand Dunes Nat Park (trip report)
    Various Mosca, CO April 27-29, 2007
    Backpacking at Grand Tetons
    Yellowstone - 2005
    (Novelization with pics)
    28 mile trip, 3 day trip Grand Teton & Yellowstone Nat Park July 1st-5th, 2005
    Canyonlands & Arches Nat Park (trip report)
    Various Moab, UT May 26-28, 2005
    July 23-25, 2005

    New Hampshire White Mountains
    Lincoln - Lafayette Loop (trip report)
    Mt Lincoln (5089'),
    Mt Lafayette (5260')
    White Mountains, NH June 22nd, 2008
    White Mountains 20-Mile Presidential Traverse: (trip report)
    Mt Washington (6288'),
    Mt Adams (5799'),
    Mt Jefferson (5716'),
    Mt Monroe (5372'),
    Mt Madison (5366'),
    Mt Eisenhower (4760'),
    Mt Pierce (4312')
    White Mountains, NH July 24th, 2004
    Pemigewasset Loop Hike (33.5 miles, 13500' cumulative gain, 1 day): (trip report)
    Mt Flume (4328'),
    Mt Liberty (4459'),
    Mt Lincoln (5089'),
    Mt Lafayette (5260'),
    Mt Garfield (4500'),
    Mt Galehead (4024'),
    South Twin (4902'),
    West Bond (4540'),
    Mt Bond (4698'),
    Mt Bondcliff (4265')
    White Mountains, NH Aug 14th, 2004
    More White Mountains (including moose encounter): (trip report)
    North Kinsman 4293',
    South Kinsman 4358',
    Canon Mountain 4110',
    North Tripyramid 4180',
    Middle Tripyramid 4140',
    White Mountains, NH May 2004
    Mt Chocura (trip report)
    Mount Chocura ~3100',
    White Mountains, NH Jan 15th, 2005
    NH 4000ers without a report:
    Carter Dome (4832'), Mt. Moosalauke (4802'), North Twin (4761'),
    Mt. Carrigan (4700') Wildcat (4422'), Hancock (4420'),
    Osceola (4340'), South Hancock (4319'), Zealand (4260'),
    East Osceola (4156'), Wildcat D (4070') Hale (4054'),
    Passaconaway (4043'), Whiteface (4020')
    White Mountains, NH Aug 2003- Feb 2005

    International Adventures
    Hebrides & Highlands of Scotland (trip report)
    Isle of Skye
    Isles of Harris & Lewis
    Black Isle
    Castle hopping
    Sept 9th - Sep 23rd, 2012
    8-week New Zealand & Taiwan Adventure (trip report)
    Rees-Dart Track
    Mueller Hut Track
    Routeburn Track
    Milford Track
    Hump Ridge Track
    North and South Islands Jan 3rd - Feb 13th, 2011
    Iceland 2010 Adventure (trip report)
    various Iceland (all over) &
    Landmannlauger -
    Thorsmork Trek
    July 18th - Aug 1st, 2010
    Norway 2009 Arctic Adventure (trip report)
    Arctic Adventure! Trondheim to Lofoten, Norway July 3rd - 18th, 2009
    Patagonia 17-day adventure (trip report)
    various, up to 3,900' 100+ miles of hiking/backpacking in:
    Fitzroy & Cerro, El Chalten, Argentina
    Torres Del Paine, Chile
    Moreno Glacier, El Calafate
    Feb 22nd-Mar 9th, 2008
    Norway 7-day ultimate adventure (trip report)
    Bessegan Ridge 5775'
    Skala 6000'
    Simadalen, 3100'
    countless fjords 0'
    1500 mile loop in Norway June 26th-July 5th, 2004
    Scotland: Quirang, Glen Coe, Glenfinnan (trip report)
    1000' Isle of Skye,
    Glen Coe, Scotland.
    May 24th, 2004

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